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Equipments used by the district is very different than equipment used for home use. Note that technology changes frequently. This page is updated so that users know what is available. This is not intended to be a completely comprehensive list of all items that we buy and use. Technology and needs change quickly.



Currently, we utilize Dell computers for most of our staff use. We currently have two different desktops.

Our current standard is the OptiPlex 3020. This is used in most applications.

For Foodservice, we have an OptiPlex 3020 small form factor with a touchscreen.

*Please contact Troy Patterson for a quote. 


Our current standard replacement monitor is a 23″ Acer for $129.


Dell Latitude 3480. $512 (good until December 31, 2017)

MicroSoft Office: $41.77

*Please contact Troy Patterson for a quote.



Our current Chromebook selection is the Dell Chromebook. This was chosen after review. The keyboard, build quality and durability were considered in this choice. We are currently purchasing TouchScreen Chromebooks.

TouchScreen Chromebooks: $280 (good until December 31, 2018)

Non-Touch Chromebooks: $210 (good until December 31, 2018).

Chromebook Cart:

The cost for a cart to house 30 Chromebooks is $1218.73.



Document Camera:

The HoverCam 3 is regularly used. This camera is compatible with DNA Illuminate GradeCam software. Our current cost for the HoverCam 5 is $185.  

The alternate choice is the HoverCam Solo 8. The Solo 8 has a higher resolution camera and is a little more flexible. Our current cost for the HoverCam Solo 8 is $279.


We utilize three  different projectors depending upon need.  The difference is largely where the projector is mounted. The short throw is generally mounted about 18″ away from the reflecting surface. Please note that mounting the projector costs extra.

  • A standard throw is generally a few feet from the screen/board.
  • A short throw projector is generally .

Standard Projector (Epson PowerLite 97H)- This replaces the Epson 98. $375.

Short Throw (Epson 525w  replaces some projectors for Promethean Boards) Specifically, this one replaces the Epson 410. 

Ultra Short Throw Projector (Interactive Projector – this is our current installation) – unless replacing an existing mounted projector, there is an additional cost for mounting and mounting hardware. 


“Promethean Board”

Recently, we have switched over from the physical Promethean Board to an interactive projector with Promethean software. This set up replaces the physical board with a whiteboard. The advantage is that when the “promethean board” is not being used, the surface can be used as a traditional white board.

Need a quote? Please follow this link.


Headphones are a real challenge.  There are also different uses of Headphones.

For Students:

  • Headset with microphone, stereo, single headphone jack (3.5mm) operates both the speakers and microphone, permanent earpads, adjustable padded headband. Specify color: black and green, black and orange, black and white. $6.99 each. Available via REMC.
  • Disposable: Headphones, stereo, wire headband with foam ear pads, 3.5mm stereo miniplug, disposable use. One-year warranty. 0.78¢ each. Available via REMC.


Wired Mouse: GearHead from REMC. These are available for $3.05 each. *Note that there is a $6 shipping charge for orders under $500.

Web cameras



Classroom Audio

For classrooms that will utilize whole room sound. This would be for a standard sized classroom.

*Currently under review.

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