Gmail Warning Messages

Many people are loving the switch to Google Apps. Once everything is synced, the happiness quotient will be even higher.

Please note that some people are receiving the following notice:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification



Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed:

Message will be retried for 2 more day(s)



You may safely disregard this notice. This is a result of archiving email. Your email has been delivered, it is just the archive that is delayed.

Google Apps for Education Mail Settings for Phones

We have begun our exciting transition to Google Apps for Education. This will bring powerful opportunities to us. Along with those opportunities are necessary changes.

Many people now use their phones to check for email. In order to continue doing so, you’ll need to make some changes in your settings. We recommend creating a new email account on your phone. All old email will sync.

Directions for setting up your email account on your phone are available on our Professional Development site.

Google Apps for Education

We are one day closer to our transition to Google Apps for Education. Although email is not set up yet, staff can sign in and use Google Apps for Education. Here is a testimonial from one user:

I tried it yesterday and it worked.  It was easy to set up but must be done slowly and carefully because the system was slow.   I like the chrome’s set up of apps–easy to see and follow.  My email is not updated yet but your email indicates this will be done.  I’m hoping my iPhone will not be complicated in setting it up.  Thanks for the instructions–they were easy to follow.


Email will be synced starting Thursday evening. Since we have a tremendous amount of email to sync, we are positive how long the sync will take. Starting Friday, you should check your email using



Google Apps for Education

As we transition to Google Apps for Education, it is important to understand why. The district has been able to provide 2GB of storage for documents and 2 GB of storage for email. With our transition to Google Apps for Education, each user will receive 30 GB of storage. Additionally, the documents that you create within Google Drive won’t count against that storage limit. Essentially, this means that users won’t have to worry about storage limits.

Please remember that Google Apps for Education will also provide a ton of features that we just aren’t able to provide at this point.

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