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Virtual Meetings on Chromebooks

Google has identified an issue with Chrome OS 85 and virtual meetings (Zoom, Google Meet, Bluejeans, WebEx, etc). This issue causes freezing, audio degradation, video degradation and connectivity issues.


Google has confirmed that OS Version 85 enabled security mitigation patches that caused an approximate 30% increase in CPU utilization causing Virtual Meeting issues.


Google will roll back the security mitigation patches within OS 85. This update will be pushed to users

Resolution Timeline:
OS Build: Due EOD Friday, 9/25
Testing: 9/25 thru 9/28
Phased Rollout: Starting Monday, 9/28
100% roll out anticipated by Mid-week or 10/1.

Chromebook Sign out button

In order to make signing out easier for students, we’ve added a red “Sign out” button along the bottom of our Chromebooks. Students should use this to sign out when they are done.

Log out button on bottom of screen

Google Admin Set up:

*I’ve received a few requests on how to do this. If you are a Google Admin, here are the directions:
  1. Sign in to Google Admin
  2. Select device management
  3. Chrome management
  4. User settings
  5. Choose your Student OU
  6. Under “Session Settings” Select “Show logout button in tray”
  7. Then Save
Session Setting options

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