SBAC Opportunity

The SBAC is developing an online digital library that will offer professional development related to the balanced assessment system.  The MDE seeks to recruit 75 to 90 Michigan educators to become a network of educators that will recommend resources for the digital library.  More information, including time commitment and reimbursement, is available at:



The online survey application must be completed by Friday, January 25th, 2013.

Digital Learning Day

Dearborn Public Schools is proud to participate in the Digital Learning Day for 2013! Every day we provide digital opportunities to our community.

We will also be encouraging individual teachers to sign up and participate. Teachers can celebrate Digital Learning Day with school-based activities, projects, and interactive lessons in math, science, civics, and language arts.

This year’s Digital Learning Day is Feb. 6, 2013. Digital Learning Day is a culminating event in a year-round national awareness campaign to improve teaching and learning for all children. On Digital Learning Day, the national campaign is asking everyone, no matter your comfort with technology – teachers, librarians, school leaders, afterschool programs, community groups, parents – to sign up and be counted in this effort.

Do be forewarned that you are also signing up for an email newsletter as well.

Email Certificate

You may see an Email certificate warning on email. The warning will note that our certificate has expired.

Action to take:

  • If on Outlook, click “Yes” to the question “Do you want to proceed?”
  • If on the web version, click on “Continue to the website (not recommended)”
  • If on a Mac, click on “Accept”


Our certificate was renewed but has not propagated through the system. We are following up with our domain registrar.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hanging Out at Salina Intermediate School

Chris K. and I are hanging out at Salina Intermediate School.

The great staff here has had some terrific questions. We’ve had the opportunity to share some tips, tricks, strategies and more.

  • Inserting a Video from YouTube into iLearn.
  • Promethean Basics.
  • Setting up ActiVotes for Promethean.
  • Adding video to a blog.
  • Adding background to Promethean flipcharts.
  • Setting up ActivExpressions.
  • Using Rubrics with iLearn.
  • Web Conferencing with iLearn.
  • iLearn modules.

Thanks to the wonderful staff for an opportunity to share strategies.

Open Source Software

The Technology Department is constantly looking at ways to be fiscally prudent, future proof and modeling best practice. Part of our model of doing that is to implement open source software where appropriate. Here are some of the open source software pieces we’ve implemented:

  • LibreOffice
  • iLearn
  • iBlog
  • Joolma
  • EtherPad
  • BigBlueButton
  • FOG
  • LimeSurvey
  • Ubunutu
  •  Mahara

We will continue to investigate resources to make district as efficient and responsible as possible.

Text on your Desktop

We are currently working on switching over our virus protection systems. This can impact you. We are uninstalling the old system and installing the new system. At the same time, we are working on our inventory system. We are working to automate as much of the process as possible. While the installation is taking place, some text is put on your desktop. Normally, this will disappear after a few minutes. Unfortunately, for some users, the text is not disappearing. This is a temporary situation whilst we are doing the installation of the new software. Within a couple of weeks, this issue will resolve itself. However, if the text on your desktop bothers you, you can change that by changing your desktop. (This may need to be done with every restart).

Please note that we are changing our virus protection in order to be as fiscally responsible as possible.

For Windows XP

  • Right click somewhere on your desktop where there are no icons
  • Go to properties
  • Click on the desktop tab
  • Choose picture
  • Ok

For Windows 7

  • Right click somewhere on your desktop where there are no icons,
  • Click personalize
  • Select the theme you want
  • Then click on the red X to exit out
Again, this is a temporary situation. Once we have finished the entire installation, this situation will no longer occur.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the HelpDesk.

iTunes SPAM

We have a piece of SPAM that is currently making it through our filters. This is definitely SPAM. The message looks like it comes from iTunes. It claims to be a $500 credit, billed to Hilary Shandonay.


Do not click on the link. Delete this.



It looks like this:

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